Instant Money Transfer

The easiest way to send money to any bank account in India.

This way of money transfer will change the speed and efficiency of the traditional process.

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Transparent Way

There are no hidden regulations, rules and charges.

Retail transactions

Modify and speed up the process of electrified retail transactions

Subsidy payments

Lower the cost that is related to the subsidy payments.

Instant Money Transfer

Money transfer refers to the transfer of money from one account to another account through banks. This is the traditional method of money transfer. This incurs the cost of transferring money from one account to another. The transfer cost is much higher and the cost varies depending on the amount of transfer. This becomes easier and cheaper in Aadhaar based money transfer. The transfer cost waived off. The person need not go to the bank for transferring money. The business correspondents of the respective bank come to the customers to make the easy money transfer. In this process, the transfer speed is much higher than the traditional money transfer. This is a safer and more secure way of transferring funds than the traditional method.

A large number of people in India, particularly the migrant population, doesn’t have access to formal banking channels for want of proof of identity/address etc. This lead to innumerable hardships faced by them while attempting to remit money back to their family members. This is happening even when various channels for Domestic Money Transfers (DMT) are available viz. IMPS, UPI, NEFT, RTGS etc.

This product design brings seamless remittance experience to the customers backed by technology interface Aircash Access Points Counters and simultaneously ensures hassle-free & affordable fund transfer service for the migrant population. This cash to Bank A/c remittance service is offered across more than 20+ lakhs Aircash Access Points across India.

The bank account only needs to be linked with Aadhaar number of the customer. The biometric data are used for validating the transfer request. The business correspondents made the process much easier and convenient. The business correspondents like Aircash provides a wide variety of services.


The main objective of such money transfer is to initiate the benefits of inter or intra-bank through reliable business correspondents. These help to facilitate the basic banking transaction. This step helps to reach the goal of RBI for retail banking electrification. This helps to route the Aadhaar based banking transaction via trusted clearing agency and central switching. This disburses the payments including handicapped old age pension, social security pension, and NREGA. These are authenticated by UDAI. The inter-operation between the banks becomes secured and safer through such kind of Micro ATM services.

The effective implementation of APES will reduce the cost of transactions. Few banks such as ICICI, UBI, and BOI are already incorporate their operations with this upgraded system. This step will reduce the cash-based banking transaction. This will be a greater benefit for the rural sector of our country. The presence of physical bank branches is few compared to the numbers f villages. This service will help to facilitate the basic banking transactions and operations in the rural area. This will help to spread the awareness of the baking facilities and services in Indian villages.

Product Highlights
  • Send money instantly
  • Allowing cash to account fund transfer for Remitters.
  • Instant confirmation to remitter via SMS & Whatsapp
  • Safe and secure transaction
  • This service is available across all the access points of Aircash
  • Remitters’ identification to be done using Mobile Number
  • Lowest service charge of 1% of transaction value (minimum service charge of Rs. 10), inclusive of GST & Cess (if applicable)

  • Services Available to customers (Remitters)
  • DMT Registration (with mobile number only) with an option to upgrade it to Full KYC* (with mobile number, Aadhaar number & PAN) to enjoy higher limits
  • Modification of mobile number, in case of full KYC customers
  • Beneficiary – Registration, Inquiry & Deletion
  • Fund transfer
  • Transaction Inquiry
  • Refund, in case of failed attempts
  • Complaint Management
  • Remitter Profile upgradation*, if customer wishes/ requires transfers with higher limits

  • The way

    The NPCI offers its own money transfer method to the customers. The APES process helps to facilitate the cash transfer and transaction process. The Aadhaar number is seeded with the bank accounts. That means every Aadhaar number is linked with the respective bank account. After having the customer’s Aadhaar number, respective banks upload them with NPCI mapper. This is done for the purpose of forwarding the transaction with the destination banks. IIN number is then required for the verification process for validating the money transfer.

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