Frequently Asked Questions about Aircash


Aadhaar Pay is a payment system which allows merchants to collect payments from a customer using his/her Aadhaar number and biometric authentication. The Aadhaar seeded account of the customer gets debited and merchant account gets credited. In other words, Aircash Merchant is a retail payment and collection solution enabling merchants to accept digital payments even from customers without a CARD or WALLET or MOBILE.

2. Why should a Merchant use AADHAAR PAY?

Benefits to Merchants :-
Seamless fund collection from customers
No MDR Charges*
Safe and Secure
Increased customer satisfaction as process saves time
Easy reconciliation
Eliminates cash handling cost and risk.

3. What type of transactions can I do in AADHAAR PAY?

You can do Aadhaar Enabled Fingerprint Payment Process which is cashless, cardless, wallet-less, mobile-less

4. When will the transaction amount get credited into the Merchant account?

Amount from the customer's bank account will be debited immediately and credited into merchant's bank account in T+1 working day i.e. Next Working Day

5. How do I access the records of all my historical transactions?

You can view all your past transaction in the "Transaction History" section on the Aircash Merchant App.
Aircash will send a daily email of the trasactions recorded.
Alternatively the merchant can view all the trasaction details on the Aircash Dashboard.

6. Is Aircash Merchant App compatible with every Mobile OS?

The present version is compatible only with Android.

7. What if the customer's account is wrongly debited? What is the process for Refund to the customer?

In such cases, Refund cannot be processed through the App. The Merchant will get the entire amount in his bank account as per Aircash Settlement Policy, and Merchant will have to give refund directly to the customer.

8. What if the data connectivity is lost or phone restarted during the transaction?

If the transaction is completed, the customer's bank account will be debited and the Merchant can view the details in the transaction history section.

9. If a customer has multiple accounts connected to their AADHAAR which account of the customer gets debited?

The last linked account with their AADHAAR is debited.

10. What is the typical time for a transaction to get through?

From the customer's point of view, the transaction gets processed within 8 approximate seconds.

1. AePS Mini Banking Services

AePS stands for AADHAAR ENABLED PAYMENT SYSTEM. With the help of AePS technology, banking transactions like cash withdrawal, cash deposit, balance inquiry & money transfer is possible in a very simple, secure and faster way. ‚Äč User does not need to remember his / her bank account number, passwords, PIN etc to deposit / withdraw money from bank account. Just need to remember AADHAAR No and the name of the bank where his / her aadhaar number is linked and a clean finger.

Acquiring Bank or Acquirer

A bank that accepts payments for a payments network. Often the financial institution that provides a merchant account and processes card transactions via POS equipment on behalf of a merchant. The acquirer feeds transaction data into the interchange system.